Soy "beef" stroganoff

Stroganoff has always been one of my favorite foods growing up in Brazil. We made ours with filet mignon, chicken strips or shrimp back then... this version has tofu strips imitating the consistency of beef or chicken. It is so delicious and will make you feel good after you eat it.

  • Soy strips (beef style) cut is small strips if not yet 
  • 1 pack of button mushrooms sliced 
  • 1 onion diced small/ 4 garlic cloves diced small 
  • 1/2 can of tomato paste  
  • 1 cup of veggie broth  
  • vinegar, salt, pepper, cumin and paprika 
  • flour for dusting meat 
  • mustard and ketchup (about a Tb spoon of each)
  • 1 can/container of heavy cream
  • olive oil/ 2 tb of butter
String potatoes (optional for toping) & rice 

  • drain the liquid from the soy beef package  
  • season with cumin, salt, pepper and a spoon of vinegar 
  • dust it with a few spoons of flour till kind of dry 
  • set aside 
  • saute onions and garlic in butter
  • add the mushrooms, season with salt and pepper
  • remove and place on a plate and let it rest 
  • heat up some olive oil 
  • saute "meat" till slightly browned 
  • add the mushroom mix, add some paprika 
  • add tomato paste and broth 
  • mix well and add 1 spoon of ketchup and mustard 
  • let it simmer for a few minutes 
  • add the cream, stir well and shut it of
  • serve with white rice and top with potato strings
  • dust paprika on top before serving