Winter is coming (or was at the time)

So we decided to supplement the purchases we make at the local markets (we shop at Trader Joes, Wholefoods and Sprouts and we try to buy everything organic) with a small herb garden and we did pretty good first time around. We planted plants already and worked the dirt pretty well. It was great and we had a ton of salad for a while. Then much like Games Of Thrones style "The winter was coming" so everything started dying on us. So we replanted everything, but this time from seeds and a lot of the items are sprouting. Not everything made it though. We do have a lot of arugula again a some herbs. I suggest that if you have a patch of dirt you should definitely plant and see your greens grow. Nothing like that feeling. The taste is also undeniably different from the store bought stuff. Even the freshest market will have the produce sitting for hours to days before we get to it. Picking a tomato and eating it from the tree is something very special and the only way to understand why a tomato is a fruit. Juicy and yummy.