L'Hirondelle Restaurant

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Steve and I had Oscar's night at home and I had seen all the Oscar's movies but "Whiplash" which was playing in the fantastic San Juan Capistrano Regency. By the way if you have not seen this flick yet, run! It's extraordinary!! And if you have not gone to that Theater... ditto.
We wanted to get a bite to eat before the movies but we wanted to stay local. It was a rainy night and a bit chili so I wanted to go somewhere cozy also. I really had a taste for French Food that day so we ventured to  L'Hirondelle Restaurant, this little Belgium gem really close to the Mission. The place is cozy, the service is excellent and the food is divine. I have been a client for a long time but this was my first time going there as a vegetarian, so I was wondering what they could whip up for me since French cooking is normally meat heavy... here is the what they came up with: A sophisticated veggie delight, delicious tomatoes stuffed with no less than Swiss Cheese Bien sur, delicious artichokes (perfectly marinated ones actually), yellow roasted beets and carrots and green beans. they also added some of their mushroom in garlic sauce appetizer and of course their amazing wiped potatoes which they put nutmeg and make it a dream!
I was so satisfied, I could not even finish all the food. The night was a success. The movie was amazing but so was the food.
This place is definitely great. A hidden gem, long lasting quality that shows!