Mashed Navy Beans, oven roasted marinated Portobellos 

                          & Salad with home made Pesto

Slice a large Portobello in strips. Prepare a marinate of 1 cup of soy sauce, a pinch of  pepper, mashed garlic (2 cloves), one table spoon of olive oil. Let the mushrooms marinate for 20 minutes.
Oven roast the mushrooms along with the juice for 30 minutes in a 350°F. 
You can also grill the Portobello on top of aluminum foil till done.

 To make the Beans:

Ingredients and preparation: 

1 can of washed Navy Beans (or any light color beans of your preference, garbanzo beans also work)
1 small chopped onion, 2 cloves of chopped garlic, salt, pepper, turmeric and cumin. Olive oil and 1 cup of vegetable broth
Rinse beans and drain.
Sautee the onions ans garlic on olive oil. Add the beans and seasonings to taste. Sautee it with one spoon of the veggie broth and transfer the beans to a food processor. Pulse till creamy. Add the remainder broth as needed. The consistency is supposed to be of mashed potatoes.

For the Pesto:

Ingredients and preparation:  

1 cup of plain cooked almonds, 1 bunch of washed spinach, 2 cloves of garlic chopped, 1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese, 1/2 cup of olive oil and juice of one lemon. Pulse all in the food processor add salt and pepper to taste and transfer to a bowl.
To store left overs put the pesto in a small container and top with a thin layer of olive oil to keep the pesto green longer.

Make a simple salad with greens and some berries and a touch of olive oil and lemon juice (salt and pepper).
To assemble the dish put a layer of the bean mash. Top it with 1/2 of the slices of Portobello, add the salad and top it with a dollop of the home made pesto.

Classy, healthy and delicious!!